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GISMETEO: Погода по г.Усть-Каменогорск

Education / Universities and colleges

East Kazakhstan state university by name S.Amanzholov

   The address:
Republic Kazakhstan, 070002
Ust Kamenogorsk street of 30th Division of guards 34/1
The Internet address:

Mamraev Beibit Baimagambetovich - the Doctor of Philology, the professor, the author more than 130 scientific works. As the basic directions of its scientific interests centuries, problems of modern culture act literary history XIX-XX.
Mamraev B. is a member of Dissertational council about protection of theses for a doctor's degree at Institute of the literature and art by name of M.Auezov. Under its scientific management are protected one doctor's and six master's theses, including citizens of Russia and China. Is a member of editorial boards of constant scientific editions on actual problems of the literature and folklore, the editor-in-chief of some monographies and collections.
Beibit Baimagambetovich acted with lectures in a number of foreign universities and the scientific organizations: University Nanter – Paris-10 and Sorbonna – Paris-3, has taken part in the international conferences in Paris, Strasbourg (France), Istanbul (Turkey), Hamburg (Germany) and congresses of Tjurksoja. Has a diplomatic rank.

Professional and labour activity of Mamraev B., basically, is connected with an education system and sciences of Kazakhstan. Worked as the teacher of high school, the teacher of high schools of Karaganda and Almaty. For many years worked in system of National academy of sciences RK, was the scientific secretary, the head of department, the deputy director of Institute of the literature and art by name of M.O.Auezov of NAS RK. In combination worked as the professor of chair of the Kazakh literature Treasury of Al-Farabi.
In 2000 has been invited to work in Presidential Administration RK and a current of some years managed science and education sector.
In 2004-2006 was in business trip abroad. Was the adviser, the Adviser-envoy of Embassy of Republic Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation.
In 2006 it is appointed by the state inspector of Presidential Administration of Republic Kazakhstan.
Since April 2008г. – the rector of the East Kazakhstan state university by name S.Amanzholov.

The East Kazakhstan state university by name S.Amanzholov consists of 8 faculties and college: 

- Economy and the finance;
- Legal;
- Ecology and natural sciences;
- Mathematicians, physicists and technologies;
- Philology and journalism;
- Psihologo-pedagogical;
- Culture and sports;
- Stories and the international relations;

  Multiple-discipline college

The Code    the Speciality
050101 Preschool training and education
050102 Pedagogics and elementary education technique
050104 Initial military preparation
050105 Defectology
050106 Music education
050108 Physical training and sports
050109 Mathematicians
050110 Physicists
050111 Computer science
050112 Chemistry
050113 Biology
050114 History
050116 Geography
050117 Kazakh language and the literature
050118 Russian and the literature
050119 Foreign language: two foreign languages (English)
050119 Foreign language: two foreign languages (German)
050120 Vocational training
050202 International relations
050207 Translational business
050301 Jurisprudence
050503 Psychology
050504 Journalism
050506 Economy
050507 Management
050508 Account and audit
050509 Finance
050510 the State and local management
050511 Marketing
050601 Mathematicians
050602 Computer science
050604 Physicists
050606 Chemistry
050608 Ecology
050609 Geography
050703 Information systems
050710 Science of materials and technology of new materials
050728 Technology of processing manufactures
050806 Agroengineering
050902 Tourism

The code The number the Speciality
6N0103 Pedagogics and psychology
6N0108 Physical training and sports
6N0601 Mathematics
6N0201 Philosophy
6N0203 History
6N0205 Philology: the Kazakh philology
6N0205 Philology: Russian philology
6N0301 Jurisprudence
6N0506 Economy
6N0503 Psychology
6N0602 Computer science
6N0604 Physics
6N0606 Chemistry
6N0607 Biology
6N0608 Ecology
6N0609 Geography

   Versatile college EKSU by name S.Amanzholov
The code number the Speciality
0705002 Economy, book keeping and audit/kaz., rus./
0703002 Finance/kaz., rus./
0201002 Right and the social protection organization/kaz., rus./
0205002 Jurisprudence/kaz., rus./
0314002 General elementary education/kaz., rus./
0310002 Physical training/kaz., rus/
0306002 Kazakh language and the literature
0303002 Mathematicians/kaz., rus/
0712002 Management/kaz., rus/
0714002 Banking/kaz., rus/
4214002 Technology of baking, macaroni and confectionery manufacture/rus./

General number of the teaching staff of academy:
Doctors of sciences: 18 persons
The candidate of sciences: 145 persons
Academicians of NAS RK: 2 persons
On a defined rating by the National accreditation centre of Ministry of Education and Science RK EKSU by S.Amanzholov has taken the fourth place among versatile universities.
The volume of financing of research work in 2005 (the state and economic contracts, the international grants) has made 18, 092 million tenge. Total number of scientific publications Teaching stuff for last two calendar years in Kazakhstan – 1330, in near and far abroad – 102; total number of the published manuals and monographies – 43.
The basic directions SRW of theme of the subject EKSU by S.Amanzholov.
I. Actual problems of a demography, archeology and history of Kazakhstan.
The leader of direction. –the doctor of historical sceince , prof. Igibaev S.K.
II. Socially-philosophical and politological problems of reforming of a society. The leader of direction – the candidate of filological science, prof. EKSU Dementyev M. G.
III. The problems of a multistage education system of republic Kazakhstan in the conditions of its reforming
 The leader of direction –the doctor of pedagogic science, prof. EKSU Zavalko N.A.
IV. Socially-psychological maintenance of innovative processes in education system of KR
The leader of direction. – the candidate of pedagogic science, senior lecturer Kovalev S.E.
V. Research of influence of an irradiation on structure, physical and mechanical properties of metal materials
The leader of direction – the doctor of physico-mathematical science., the prof. Skakov M. K.
VI. Questions of complex processing of mineral raw materials and industrial wastes, ecology and a healthy way of life in east region of Kazakhstan.
The leader of direction – the doctor of biological science, prof. Saveleva L.G., the doctor of biological science, prof. Dolgova Z.J.,the doctor of mathematic, the prof.Nishi R.A.
VII. The Basic tendencies and prospects of development of the literature and languagues of the people of Kazakhstan in world socioculturalcontext.
The leader of direction – the doctor of phylogical science Kudryavtsev V. A, the candidate of phylogical science, senior lecturer Abdullina L.I.
VIII. Actual problems of transit economy
The leader of economic science. – the doctor of economic science, prof. Alimbetov U.S.
IX. Working out of mathematical models and differential schemes, algorithms, the software
The leader of direction – the doctor of physico-mathematic science, prof. Temirbekov N.M.
X. Legal regulation of market relations in republic Kazakhstan at the present stage
The leader of direction– the candidate of juridical science Rahimberdin K.H.

The information about the international cooperation
EKSU by S.Amanzholov is a member of three International Associations:
- The Euroasian Association of universities;
- The international Academy of the Higher school;
- Associations of universities of Western Siberia.

Within 2002 for 2006 contracts about cooperation with high schools of near and far abroad are concluded, including:
1) with high schools of the Russian Federation: the Russian university of Friendship of the people (Moscow), the Altay state university (Barnaul), the Altay state technical university of Polzunova (Barnaul), the Ryazan state pedagogical university of S.A.Yesenin, Institute of computing technologies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (Novosibirsk);
2) educational institutions of Ukraine: Nezhinsky state university of N.V.Gogol, the Sumy institute of updating and a surface;
3) Management of a science and technics СУАР the Peoples Republic of China; Northeast national university of Lanchzhou.
4) the Ministry of Education, cultures and sciences of Mongolia and Akimatom the Bayan-Ulgijsky аймака;
5) with high schools of the USA: Vanderbiltsky university (Vanderbilt) and university of Kentucky;
6) establishments of Germany: Goethe's Institute and a management and training Society; university of applied sciences of Munich;
7) high schools of Poland: Vrotslavsky university and Vrotslavsky technological university;
8) with high schools of Korea: university Kannan, university Hanso;
9) With establishments of Czechia: university Cheske Budeevishche and ecological organization "Irbis".

In a stage of working out and signing for today there are contracts with Vrotslavsky agricultural university (the Polish Republic), the Center of higher education Guterslou (Germany), with Sintszjansky agricultural university (China).